Digital Transformation Council to Host Third Annual Member Meeting for Industrial, Energy, and Public Sector Professionals

The Digital Transformation Council (DTC) will be holding its third Annual Meeting on February 3, 2020 at the Renaissance Orlando Hotel at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida (in conjunction with the 24th Annual ARC Industry Forum).  Qualified end users can register for the DTC Annual Meeting at no additional charge by clicking here.

At this meeting, DTC members will have an opportunity to share strategies, experiences, and practices with their technology end user peers and vote on the research priorities for 2020.  Established in 2018, the DTC community has grown to include more than 200 industrial, energy, and public sector  professionals from the industrial, energy, and public sectors. To help ensure open and unbiased dialog among end users, technology suppliers are specifically excluded from participating in the DTC.

Council Continues to Expand Opportunities for End Users to Share Experiences and Lessons Learned with Peers

In 2019, the DTC began hosting regional meetings in North America and Europe in addition to its annual and monthly online meetings. These local gatherings brought together a variety of roles within technology end user organizations to discuss strategic and other issues related to digital transformation. Participants include current members of digital innovation teams plus information technology (IT), operational technology (OT), and engineering groups at a wide variety of different companies.  This provides valuable opportunities for cross-discipline and cross-sector collaboration.  The DTC aims to host an expanded number of regional meetings in 2020.

With its dedicated extranet; monthly webcasts; quarterly regional meetings; and the upcoming Annual Meeting at the 2020 ARC Industry Forum on Feb. 3, 2020, the Digital Transformation Council provides technology end users with ever-expanding opportunities to share challenges, experiences, and lessons learned relative to digital transformation. 

Topics typically discussed at both virtual and in-person DTC meetings include a range of digital transformation issues: strategic planning, workforce and organizational challenges, Industrial IoT, advanced analytics, edge and cloud computing, digital fieldbus integration, industrial cybersecurity, blockchain, digital twins, AR/VR applications, additive manufacturing, and so on.  Many of these online DTC meetings also feature “Council Chronicle” member presentations. These are recorded, documented, and made accessible to all DTC members via the DTC’s secure Member Portal.

According to Jane Arnold, Executive Vice President of Process Control at Covestro, a leading global supplier of high-tech polymer materials: "The Digital Transformation Council provides me with an invaluable opportunity to connect and exchange with like-minded industry peers and ARC experts, enabling me to freely discuss the emerging technologies and business trends key to achieving transformational growth.  This global network not only helps me to keep track of the rapid development of digital trends, but also provides inspiration to successfully drive our own digital transformation journey in manufacturing."

More information on the Digital Transformation Council; more information on the Annual Meeting

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