Andy Chatha

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Andy Chatha

President and CEO

Andy provides leadership to the ARC organization and guides its research and client activities. For over 40 years, Andy has provided advice and consul to many leading energy and manufacturing companies around the world.

Office Location
Boston, MA
Analytics and Machine Learning
Digitization, Industrial IoT, I4.0
Operational Excellence
Technology Evaluation & Selection

Andy has over 40 years experience in enterprise software and automation as an executive advisor, market analyst, project manager, and software engineer.

Prior to starting ARC, Andy was an executive at The Foxboro Company where he was responsible for sales and marketing activities for advanced software solutions. He has also had hands-on experience in the design and implementation of large enterprise and automation systems. At Westinghouse, Andy managed several very successful automation projects. Andy started his career at General Electric Company of UK as a systems engineer for the design and implementation of large enterprise software projects.

Andy Chatha