Colin Masson

Colin Masson

Director of Research

Colin is a member of ARC's enterprise software team.  He has experience developing, evaluating, implementing, marketing and selling manufacturing, enterprise and supply chain edge and cloud solutions.

Office Location
Seattle, WA
AI and Machine Learning
Asset Performance Management
Cloud Computing & Industrial IT
Digital Transformation, Industrial IoT, I4.0
Enterprise Integration
Industrial AI
Industrial Metaverse
Industry Best Practices
Operational Excellence
Operations Management, MES
Product & Service Management
Supply Chain and Logistics
Technology Evaluation & Selection

As a former Research Director for Manufacturing with AMR Research for 5 years and most recently 15 years working at Microsoft enabling manufacturers digital transformation, Colin is widely recognized across the global manufacturing ecosystem as an evangelist and advocate for the critical role manufacturers play in creating a more resilient and sustainable future for us all.

Having spent 40 years in the front line of manufacturing across IT, OT, research and development, supply chain, and sales and marketing, and with manufacturing and technology executives in CIO and CTO roles, Colin has unique perspectives and insights on the congruence of people, processes, and technology needed to tear down silos and reimagine manufacturing.