5G@EIF 2021: Private Networks for Industry

Author photo: Naresh Kumar Surepelly
By Naresh Kumar Surepelly
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The ARC Industry Forum Europe 2021, “Accelerating Digital Transformation in a Post-COVID World”, was held as a virtual event again, due to the ongoing epidemic. The digital event attracted participants from all sectors of industrial production. In this series of blogs we are presenting you with the highlights from the Forum.

Would you like to watch a session again, or one you missed? The presentation and panel discussion videos are now available on the ARC hosting platform (vfairs) until August 19 by clicking on “Presentations”. Furthermore, you can still visit sponsor booths by clicking on “Exhibit Hall”. ARC and the Sponsors have also uploaded valuable videos and reports on this platform for you to add to your “vfairs briefcase”. If you did not attended the ARC Industry Forum 2021 in May, you can still register on the platform.

5G and Private Wireless networks

5G technology is still evolving with each new specification release. As more tangible use cases are deployed, more users have started appreciating the benefits of 5G. Awareness and knowledge of 5G are gaining momentum in the global market. Most of the use cases that we see today are from automotive, aerospace, electric power transmission & distribution, machinery, mining, and ports.  However, there is wide variation across the globe in terms of intentions to upgrade to 5G, spectrum for private use, and the willingness to pay more for it. Also, availability of 5G end devices, for example devices that can be used in hazardous areas in a chemical, pharma and such other industries, are yet to be seen in the market. Some of the key benefits that could be provided by 5G are not yet available as the specifications for Release 17 are yet to be finalized by 3GPP.

Dr. Pietro Valsecchi, GPCT Operational Excellence Expert at Covestro, briefly talked about advantages and challenges of 5G from the chemical industry perspective.  Sander Rotmensen, Expert for Wireless Industrial Networks, Siemens, and Sebastian Elmgren, Smart Manufacturing Portfolio Manager, Ericsson participated as panel members along with Dr. Pietro Valsecchi. The discussion was focused on 5G spectrum for private use, availability of 5G end devices, and on current and potential use cases of 5G. Overall, it was a great learning experience and an interesting panel discussion on this hot topic

Private Networks for Industry

We would like to thank all 5G experts, panelists, and presenters at the "5G and Private Wireless Networks" session at ARC Advisory Group European Industry Forum 2021. And a special thanks to all our sponsors: Global sponsor: Siemens, Gold sponsors: ANDRITZ, and OPC Foundation and Silver sponsors: Capgemini, CC-Link, Optimistik Orange Cyberdefense, PHOENIX CONTACT, and RapidMiner.

Presentations and panel discussion videos are available until August 19 for you watch at your convenience. We encourage you and your colleagues to login or register and watch the recordings on our platform: ARC Industry Forum Europe 2021 (vfairs.com).

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