ABB introduces Process Power Simulator

By Rick Rys

ARC Report Abstract

ABB recently briefed ARC on its Operator Training Simulator capability, including a new "Process Power Simulator" that can be used for operator training, control system testing, and optimizing the operation of a process power grid. ABB is well known as a leading supplier to power plants and electrical transmission and distribution systems around the world. With this new product, the company is providing a valuable tool for the process power systems found in large manufacturing plants that generate much of their own electric power.

ABB Process Power Operator Training Simulator Overview

The ABB Process Power Simulator allows companies to train power plant electrical system operators and test their electrical control systems in a safe, but highly realistic environment. The ABB Process Power Simulator uses a dynamic simulation of the power plant connected to the simulated electrical control system to create an accurate and realistic environment that can expose operators to situations and circumstances they may never experience during day-to-day operations, such as load shedding and power control. The Process Power Simulator can help operators learn the behavior of new or seldom used features. By keeping the simulation matched to the electrical topology of the facility, operators can practice difficult operating scenarios and control system engineers can verify they have the proper control strategy, along with correct setting of alarms, trips, control behaviors and the control system graphical user interface.

The ABB Process Power Simulator enables verification and validation of control strategies, product solutions, manual procedures, and automated operating sequences to be completed in a safe environment. It can be used for optimization, analyzing electrical equipment behavior, and engineering studies to improve productivity, energy savings, and financial benefits.

As we learned, it simulates the real-time system dynamics of the electrical system, such as reactive and active power, voltage, and frequency. The simulator is connected to a replica of the facility electrical control system and the associated control system graphical user interface.

ABB Electrical Model Editor tool includes:

• Drag-and-drop model generation

• Standard-to-advanced configuration tuning

• Multiple object select and value change

• Background Single Line Diagram (SLD)

ABB Digital Process Power Simulator
Figure 1 ABB Digital Process Power Simulator (on right side)


ABB Process Power Simulator Instructor Interface includes commands for Start/Stop, Freeze/Resume, Load/Save Initial Condition. Equipment behavior, malfunctions, and signal trips can be adjusted by the instructor.

Simulated components include the governor, voltage regulation, circuit breakers, protective relays, the grid, synchronizer and various electrical loads.

Electric grids worldwide are changing rapidly. Process power and micro-grid control systems increasingly support local isolated or island operation, as well as interconnected operation with distribution and transmission systems. Developed countries are modernizing their grids to accommodate “non-dispatchable” sustainable distributed power sources and are moving away from the central station grid design. Developing countries are creating completely new electric grids with a wide variety of distributed generation sources. Managing these distributed generation assets and their connection to transmission and distributions systems is a complex problem. The ABB Process Power Simulator is a tool that can help to improve the stability and reliability of distributed electric process power generation.

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