Advantech, Hivecell Partnership Accelerates Edge-as-a-Service Solution for Scalable AIoT

Author photo: Chantal Polsonetti
By Chantal Polsonetti
Acquisition or Partnership

Industrial IoT and automation provider Advantech has announced a new partnership with Hivecell, a provider of “edge-as-a-service” (EaaS) technology solutions, for continued Artificial Intelligence of Things Edge-as-a-Service(AIoT) development.  The combination of Advantech’s rugged hardware and Hivecell’s edge-as-a-service (EaaS) platform is designed to provide easy access and deployment of end-to-end data solutions, including connecting legacy systems to IoT devices for scalable data collection and management.

AIoT and edge intelligence is a major growth engine in evolving industries looking to digitalize operations and implement data-driven decision-making. These emerging technologies, however, also mean enormous amounts of generated data, which can be an obstacle to efficient operations if end users depend on cloud-only processing. While the cloud has value as a storage space, it cannot enable the day-to-day operational and safety improvements that EaaS makes possible for critical and real-time decision-making.

Edge intelligence as a growth engine

Edge intelligence and EaaS solutions offer users device control, edge monitoring, and software management in order to facilitate successful, scalable digitalization. With a simplified path to application deployment, visualization, machine-learning operations (MLOps), and remote management for data-driven decision-making, customers can rapidly implement new applications. The speed of deployment and implementation maximizes benefits in operation optimization and business transformation.

The ability to extract actionable intelligence from real-time data can deliver gains across the board.  Hivecell’s EaaS solution combined with Advantech hardware is intended to make it a reality. Hivecell’s end-to-end EaaS connects legacy systems to gateways, edge computers, 5G routers, and other IoT devices for scalable data management.

Collecting and processing data at the edge, the entire data flow improves as useless data is efficiently discarded on site. Only relevant data is sent back to headquarters and/or the cloud. The result is deployment and management with on premise computing power for hundreds, or even thousands, of locations.

Benefits of utilizing EaaS solutions:

  • No hardware to buy or maintain
  • Technology agnostic
  • Platform flexible
  • Minimal installation
  • Rapid deployment
  • Powered by patented technology
  • Future-proofed against obsolescence
  • No specialized training needed


IoT gateways play a key role in Hivecell EaaS data management as they act as the bridge between devices and the network, converting physical information into digital data for transmission from the edge. Raw data flows through a gateway at the edge where it is processed by machine learning and other analytics. In the end, only business-relevant data is sent to the cloud.

Several Advantech industrial devices are ideal options to combine with Hivecell’s EaaS, including the UNO-238 Compact IoT Edge Computer, UNO-148 High-performance DIN-rail Control Computer, SKY-640V2: 4U Rackmount Scalable GPU Server, and MIC-770 V2 Compact Fanless System.

The partnership of Advantech and Hivecell aims to help simplify common customer challenges in digital transformation by making IoT data more attainable, scalable, and manageable. Working together, the EaaS and hardware solutions help to easily connect smart equipment, organize collected data so only relevant information is sent back to the cloud, and unleash machine learning. Additionally, customers regularly struggle with skilled workforce challenges. Hiring and retaining skilled personnel in key technologies, such as Kubernetes (K8s), Apache Kafka, and DevOps, continues to be difficult. By utilizing Hivecell, customers are implementing a force multiplier for existing employee talent.

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