ARC to Participate in Beyond Trust Cybersecurity Webinar: Operational Technology Cybersecurity

Author photo: Larry O'Brien
By Larry O'Brien
Technology Trends

ARC's cybersecurity practice leader Sid Snitkin will participate in an upcoming webinar with Operational Technology cybersecurity vendor Beyond Trust to discuss successful OT cybersecurity strategies, with a particular focus on the new Operational Technology Cybersecuritygeneration of connected workers.  The webinar is September 22, 2022, 11am–12pm EDT and you can sign up here.  

Modern Operational Technology (OT) systems are facing more frequent cyber-attacks than ever before. The rapid rise of large-scale cloud adoption, distributed workforce, third-party remote access, and convergent IT-OT systems have given way to a larger threat landscape and directly increased the threats enterprises face from identity-related cyberattacks.

By systematically adopting an identity led, Zero Trust approach, enterprises can address these new challenges while securing access for connected workers, driving higher performance, and reducing facility downtime and travel costs.

Join this webinar to hear from Sid Snitkin, Vice President & GM Enterprise Services, ARC Advisory Group, Chris Herrin, Sr Product Manager, BeyondTrust and guest Mat Scherger as they discuss:

  • Connected workers and how they factor into the new reality of OT
  • Connecting to OT infrastructure through IT systems/pathways
  • Zero Trust Privileged Remote Access that can provide greater and more scalable identity security to operators, suppliers, and third-party vendors

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