Aspen Technology to Advance Customers’ Digital Transformation Strategies by Combining inmation Software and AIoT Hub

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ByPeter Reynolds
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Advancing Customers’ Digital Transformation StrategiesAspen Technology, Inc.  announced it has combined its AIoT Hub with inmation Software to create an expanded business unit. Now known as AspenTech DataWorks, the rebranded business unit provides customers with a singular solution to access and manage their industrial data, whether at the plant level or enterprise wide, in support of their digital transformation strategies.

Asset-intensive industries looking to maximize value from industrial data often are challenged to do so securely and economically as the data is often trapped in different silos across the organization. AspenTech DataWorks addresses these challenges by aggregating and contextualizing data, both transactional and real-time, from assets across the enterprise using powerful integration technology. With this offering, organizations are now able to realize successful digital transformation, with capabilities including:

  • Data Governance – Centralized, flexible data management that supports contextualization and user access control, as well as encryption for all data types
  • Connectivity – Vendor-neutral connectivity to all major OT and IT interfaces that allows organizations to integrate data from disparate sources and manage from a centralized system
  • Data Integration– Value-added application enablement such as advanced analytics, decision support, and AI

The cornerstone of AspenTech DataWorks is inmation Software GmbH, one of the suppliers of global and industrial real-time information management. AspenTech announced the acquisition of inmation last October.

Peter Reynolds, ARC Advisory Group, commented, "The addition of inmation Software to the AspenTech portfolio is a huge step forward to help companies unlock more value from an industrial data strategy. The real-time data platform connects diverse systems and addresses many problems with data cleansing, contextualization and scalability."

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