Cisco Introduces New Cloud-based Security and Visibility for IoT Operations Dashboard

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By Chantal Polsonetti
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Cisco announced new cloud management tools for industrial IoT applications, simplified dashboards to converge IT and OT operations, and flexible network intelligence to see and secure all industrial assets.

Simplified IT/OT for Industrial Networks

Organizations are extending their networks to new places. They need to connect core enterprise operations to Cloud-based Securityindustrial spaces, spanning utility grids, manufacturing facilities, and transportation networks. They are also prioritizing sustainability and resiliency in their operations, driving the need for greater visibility across their environments. The distributed nature of these operations makes networks complex to manage, and, as these industries digitize their assets, the cybersecurity attack surface grows.

Cisco is introducing new cloud services in its IoT Operations Dashboard to increase industrial asset visibility and securely manage assets from anywhere.

  • Cisco Cyber Vision is now integrated with Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard to grant IT and operations teams full visibility into IT and OT devices to manage threats across the organization, providing a unified security posture across the entire network.
  • Secure Equipment Access Plus makes it easier for IT and OT teams to remotely deploy, manage, and troubleshoot connected equipment. This service now provides access to any connected equipment with IP connectivity, so operations teams can run native applications on their workstations to access remote assets more easily.

These innovations, along with Cisco's extension of its portfolio of its Catalyst industrial wireless and switching portfolio, are intended to provide more common tooling and data so IT and OT teams can work more efficiently together to reduce downtime of critical infrastructure, drive greater business productivity and efficiencies, and enhance overall safety and security.

ThousandEyes for OpenTelemetry Simplifies IT Data Intelligence

Having the relevant data at the right time is necessary to optimize users' digital experiences, but data may not always be easy to collect and correlate. To help customers tackle this challenge, Cisco ThousandEyes now supports OpenTelemetry, the open-source framework and industry standard that partners, customers, and providers rely on to generate, collect, process and export cloud-native and distributed telemetry data.

ThousandEyes is making it possible for customers to interconnect cloud and internet intelligence across a wide range of solutions for data correlation and insight. With ThousandEyes for OpenTelemetry, Cisco is enabling true end-to-end correlated insights across disparate domains, from user to application, for optimal digital experiences.

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