Cisco Targets Industrial and Ruggedized Outdoor Use Cases with Expanded Catalyst 9000 Switching Portfolio

By Chantal Polsonetti

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Cisco announced an expansion of its Catalyst 9000 switching portfolio to improve reliability, security, and Industrial and Ruggedizedscalability for industrial and ruggedized outdoor use cases in industries like utilities, oil and gas, roadways, and rail.

 Purpose-built for IT and OT to automate network operations, the new Catalyst IE9300 is a feature-rich industrial switch that brings Zero Trust security to operational spaces, along with high port density with switch stacking, centralized management, and more.

As the operational world evolves, IT expertise is required to scale and secure the network as operational technology (OT) systems are brought onto the corporate networks. To bridge this gap, the new Cisco Catalyst Industrial Ethernet 9300 switch integrates enterprise capabilities with industrial protocols in a form factor built for rugged, industrial.

Based on Cisco’s high-performing UADP ASIC silicon, the Catalyst IE9300 is currently the highest density feature switch on the market. It provides enterprise-grade switching in a ruggedized form factor with advanced visibility, security and edge compute. The Catalyst IE9300 is based on the Cisco IOS-XE Operating System and managed by Cisco DNA Center. It provides security through the Cisco Identity Services Engine, enabling customers to leverage their IT knowledge and existing investments to modernize and secure their industrial and outdoor networks.

Chantal Polsonetti, ARC Vice President covering industrial IoT hardware and software infrastructure, notes “ Convergence of IT and OT at the industrial network tier is focused on incorporation of IT-oriented security and centralized management techniques.  This new offering from Cisco directly addresses these requirements while introducing new capabilities, such as centrally managed switch stacks.”  Further information on ARC’s latest update on the industrial ethernet switch market is available at:


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