A Digital Alliance for “Space” within Europe’s GAIA-X

Acquisition or Partnership

3DS OUTSCALE, CS GROUP, EBRC and RHEA Group are joining forces to develop new Trusted Services for the fast growing and sensitive “Space” industry, following, and thereby stimulating, the European GAIA-X initiative.

This alliance, combining CS GROUP and RHEA Group, two major players in the Space Data Systems Industry with EBRC and 3DS OUTSCALE, two trusted and certified European Cloud Service Providers, will engage in developing new use cases in the Space industry guaranteeing the GAIA-X principles: European data protection, openness and transparency, authenticity and trust, European digital sovereignty, modularity, and interoperability.

The GAIA-X Digital Space Alliance for Space is open to other European partners.

Gaia-X is a strategic project initiated by Europe for Europe.  GAIA-X aims at developing common requirements for a federated trustworthy and secured Data Infrastructure for Europe to Europe’s data sovereignty.  With GAIA-X, Europe is building the launch pad for the “Airbus of Artificial Intelligence”.

This initiative could help develop new services to respond to European stakes:

  • To keep the business of ground segment development and mission operation in Europe, thanks to a federation of European cloud;
  • To use the processing power of European Cloud and then generating new business for European industry;
  • To keep European Space Data in Europe and foster the creation of new European business services leveraging this data;
  • To generate and reference European Space data to ease their integration in other markets;
  • To boost the business of European Ground Stations providers;
  • To accelerate time to market of future European new space missions.

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