Dow ‘s Take on Future Operator Workplaces

By Larry O'Brien

ARC sees a visible uptick in end user adoption of centralized control rooms located outside hazardous areas in the plant. Many end users, particularly in North America and Western Europe, are undertaking significant migration and modernization projects. Often, these involve updating both the control systems and control rooms. Many of today’s control rooms are located in blockhouses right in the middle of process plants, typically in hazardous areas. Many are older, cramped facilities that don’t have much of a focus on ergonomics and how the operator reacts with their environment. There’s lots of old desks, old monitors, poor lighting, and more.

Dow Plant

Michiel Tijsseling from Dow Chemical did an excellent presentation on how Dow Oyster Creek dealt with their control room issues by creating a new centralized control room that featured some of the latest advancements in operator and human-centered design concepts. In this case, Dow partnered with ABB and its recent acquisition CGM, which provides advanced control room furniture, control room design, and operator interface design and consulting. 

Below is the full presentation from the 2016 ARC's Industry Forum Orlando.

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