First 5G Smart Diamond Mine Announced by Huawei and Debswana

Author photo: Patrick Arnold
ByPatrick Arnold
Project Success Story

Huawei announced a collaboration with Botswana's Debswana Diamond Company (Pty) Limited on the world's first 5G smart diamond mine project. Huawei's 4G eLTE private network solution, launched in 2021, currently provides stable connectivity for the Jwaneng 5G Smart Diamond Minemine, connecting more than 260 pieces of equipment, including drilling rigs, excavators, and trucks. The company is in the process of deploying 5G network upgrades throughout the mine.

This high-speed 5G connection between the mine's production, safety and security systems will improve operational efficiency and provide reliable protection for staff and vehicles. 5G can also support the application of cutting-edge technologies, like autonomous driving, enabling more intelligent digital transformation of the mining industry in the future.

The Government of Botswana will continue to put in place facilitation measures to further support the digital transformation agenda across all sectors, including the mining industry and welcomes international companies, such as Huawei, to participate in this agenda. Policy measures are already underway including a formulated digitalization agenda and a roadmap for 5G implementation.

Huawei utilizes its strengths in technologies, like 5G, cloud, AI, and IoT, to develop smart mine solutions that are based on an industrial internet architecture for customers in the mining industry worldwide.

Building on the success of the project in the Jwaneng mine, Huawei and Debswana plan to deploy their smart mining solution to three more of Botswana’s mines in 2023.

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