Fledge Issues Release 1.8, Enabling Open Industrial Edge Software with AI/ML

By Chantal Polsonetti

Company and Product News

LF Edge, an umbrella organization within the Linux Foundation, announced maturing of its Fledge project, which has issued it's 1.8 release and moved to the Growth Stage within the LF Edge umbrella.  Fledge is an open source framework for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT); used to implement predictive maintenance, situational awareness, safety and other critical operations.  Deployed in industrial use cases since early 2018, Fledge integrates IIoT, sensors, machines, ML/AI tools-processes-workloads, and cloud/s with the current industrial production systems and levels, as per ISA-95. 

Fledge v1.8 is the first release since moving to the Linux Foundation. However, this is the ninth release of the project code that has over 60,000 commits, averaging 8,500 commits/month. Concurrently, Fledge has matured into a Stage 2 or "Growth Stage" project within LF Edge.  This maturity level is for projects interested in reaching the Impact Stage and have identified a growth plan for doing so.  Growth Stage projects receive mentorship from the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and are expected to actively develop their community of contributors, governance, project documentation, and other variables identified in the growth plan that factor in to broad success and adoption.


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