Hanover Fair 2015 - Opening

By Ann-Kathrin Blech

Industry Trends

​On April 12, ARC joined the opening press conference held by Microsoft at their booth at this year's Hanover Fair. Caglayan Arkan, General Manager Worldwide Manufacturing & Resources at Microsoft guided through the conference in which they have presented their view on Industrie 4.0 and related cases by their partners Fujitsu, KUKA, Miele and Qoros Automotive. The last three presentations covered Industrie 4.0 from an user perspective by directly addressing their customers. KUKA's Dr. Christian Schlögel presented the connection between their lightweight robot iiwa ("intelligent industrial work assistant") and software. Dr. Eduard Sailer from Miele showed an example of an oven that directly sets up the right parameters according to the recipe you have downloaded from their cloud before. Qoros Automotive's case has been presented by Ling Bai and introduced "WeChat"an app that connects the driver via social media with their friends while being on its way. From the manufacturing point of view, Fujitsu showed their Eco-Management Dashboard solution which showed how to transform manufacturing processes through IoT. This presentation was accompanied by an example of a semiconductor plant that has been literally transformed into a plant growing plants.

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