HART-Enabled I/O Modules from Rockwell Automation Offer Access to Smart Field Devices in Extreme Process Applications

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

Rockwell Automation has introduced a HART-enabled Allen-Bradley FLEX I/O-XT module, an industrially hardened I/O platform that helps OEMs and end users to reduce wiring, installation time, and enclosure costs.

As industrial applications continue to move into global remote locations, the market requires specially designed control equipment able to survive extreme environments. The new HART-enabled I/O modules access data from smart field devices that were previously isolated in harsh environments, helping to feed performance data into asset management software for a more holistic view of operations and maintenance needs.

The FLEX I/O-XT modules are conformally coated to help protect against corrosives, dust, gases, salt, condensation, humidity, and fungal growth. This industrial hardening can eliminate the need for an enclosure; along with the additional subsequent installation and energy costs associated with auxiliary heating and cooling systems required by an enclosure.

The industrial coating to protect from airborne pollutants and moisture, paired with a minus 20 C to 70 C (minus 4 F to 185 F) temperature range, make the FLEX I/O-XT modules suited for many environmentally demanding environments, including energy and power generation, water/wastewater and on-ship applications.

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