ICONICS and Takebishi Announce OPC Server Partnership

By Naresh Kumar Surepelly

Acquisition or Partnership

ICONICS has announced an agreement with Takebishi Corporation to integrate the Takebishi DeviceXPlorer OPC Server with its own OPC-based automation software solutions.

Takebishi DeviceXPlorer OPC Server provides connectivity with control devices in manufacturing, factory, and operations environments with equipment, such as PLCs, machine tools, and robots.  It provides communication functions with multiple devices via a variety of network technology and helps to bridge data to various applications.  Takebishi DeviceXPlorer OPC Server supports OPC UA, DA, AE, and SuiteLink Interface, and can connect to over 200 device types.

 With this integration, ICONICS’ global customer base benefits from the ability to connect GENESIS64 applications to a wide range of global brands of suppliers of PLCs, robots, and other industrial automation products. At SPS IPC Drives 2019, attendees will witness how the new GENESIS64 version 10.96 release, combined with the new DxpServer V6 series, provides a value proposition for customers in the energy, manufacturing, industrial or building automation markets.


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