Infor Announces New Collaborations with FORCAM and Ancile

By Ralph Rio

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Infor Announces New Collaboration with FORCAM
Infor announced Infor MES - Powered by FORCAM, a new collaboration with FORCAM, a global leader of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) solutions. As global manufacturing processes, especially in the high-volume automotive industry, become more complex, the need for a state of the art IIOT solution that provides real-time insight and analytics into plant operations by integrating shop floor machine data with top floor ERP data increases. The Infor - FORCAM "shop floor to top floor" solution addresses these challenges by focusing on efficiency and the reduction of machine downtime, through machine learning and advanced analytics.

The combination of ERP solutions, like Infor LN, and FORCAM's advanced IIOT technology platform and expertise helps organizations manage their network of people, technology, activities, information, and resources more effectively and economically. In addition, the solution helps to digitize and harmonize all manufacturing operations across the global supply chain and enterprise so manufacturers can make better decisions, boost manufacturing excellence, and deliver exceptional levels of customer fulfillment. With Infor MES - Powered by FORCAM, data collected from machines and production lines can be leveraged for detailed analysis of planned versus actual progress, as well as predictive analytics.



Infor Announces New Collaboration with Ancile
Infor also announced a new strategic technology collaboration with Ancile Solutions, Inc. designed to extend the functionality and use of Infor's User Adoption Platform (UAP). Via this integration, organizations can help drive user adoption and help maintain workforce skills using Infor's solutions across a variety of industries by creating, managing and accessing their own custom content through Infor UAP.

Ancile, a leading provider of user adoption and enablement solutions that are designed to help increase employee productivity and business outcomes, developed uPerform, a solution designed to help users rapidly create, manage, and distribute content for on-demand learning and real-time performance support. Ancile uPerform gives end users the ability to provide feedback to content creators and share knowledge among their co-workers. These features allow organizations to evolve their learning content and can help them capture invaluable front-line business process experience.

Via cloud-based Infor UAP, Infor customers can have access to content from virtually anywhere, at any time. This includes diverse content types such as eLearning, interactive simulations, job aides, student guides, and process documentation.


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