Johnson Controls and Pelion Partner on Artificial Intelligence / Internet of Things (AIoT) for Smart, Healthy, and Sustainable Buildings

By Chantal Polsonetti

Acquisition or Partnership

Pelion announced a partnership with Johnson Controls, a leading provider of smart, healthy and sustainable sustainable buildingsbuildings. This partnership will accelerate innovation in connectivity, security and intelligence at the edge for Johnson Controls’ OpenBlue technology.

This innovation mirrors the automotive sector, where software, multiple sensors and AI-trained models have transformed the industry by enabling autonomous driving and software updates that blend data to continually improve vehicle capabilities and experience. Johnson Controls is applying the concept to the built environment. They will leverage Pelion’s flexible device management capabilities to unite diverse device types and application layers to feed AI models that respond to dynamic workloads.

This secure, open and flexible approach to device management will allow OpenBlue to run on any device and hardware configuration, from hardware gateways to constrained temperature sensors.

In order to provide sustainable, low cost and low power intelligent processing at the edge, the partnership will utilize energy-efficient processors from Pelion’s parent company, Arm, which are a key part of Johnson Controls’ distributed hardware deployment.



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