KBC Launches Energy and Sustainability Co-Pilot Hub in Singapore

By Bob Gill

Company and Product News

At a media event held October 22 at Yokogawa Engineering Asia headquarters in Singapore, KBC (a Yokogawa Company) announced the launch of a new Energy and Sustainability Co-Pilot hub to serve the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. The Co-Pilot hub and team will build and adapt energy management and optimization systems, conduct R&D to create the next generation of energy analytics applications, and deliver KBC’s cloud-based solutions.

The first solution to come from the Energy and Sustainability Co-Pilot hub is KBC’s Energy and Sustainability Co-Pilot service, which securely connects KBC’s energy and carbon emissions management software to data sources in the client's industrial plant to create its "digital twin". Through a combination of analytical technology and human expertise it determines how to help the plant reduce energy usage and emissions without affecting production goals. 

As detailed by Andrew Morrison, sales director – SE Asia & ANZ, KBC, Co-Pilot is delivered as a cloud service, which means it can be implemented and maintained with minimal impact on operating personnel and the plant. The solution works in real-time, continually monitoring and adjusting to changes in plant performance and external economics to help the plant achieve its full potential savings. The company's subject matter experts located in Singapore will serve to ensure that advice and recommendations are implemented and capability is transferred to the client sites over time. 

Co-Pilot's modest set-up cost and monthly subscription allows for risk-free cashflow positive program for customers, says KBC, and it will reduce site energy use and carbon emissions by around 10 percent leading to significant economic returns of between five and 10 times the investment, driven primarily by lower operating costs. 

A key goal of the Energy and Sustainability Co-Pilot hub is to enable Energy and Chemical companies in Singapore to comply with legislative requirements around energy and carbon emission reduction. As outlined by Yokogawa Electric Corp director and executive vice president Satoru Kurosu, KBC’s parent company has a long history of co-innovation with industry in Singapore and a strong commitment to supporting achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and providing solutions to improve the energy and environmental performance of the industries it serves. 


Through a combination of analytical technology and human expertise, the Energy and Sustainability Co-Pilot solution helps industrial plants reduce site energy use and carbon emissions. 



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