LF Edge Publishes White Paper on Multi-Functional Edge Computing

By Chantal Polsonetti

Company and Product News

LF Edge, an umbrella organization under The Linux Foundation, announced continued ecosystem collaboration via a new collaborative white paper, “Sharpening the Edge: Overview of the LF Edge Taxonomy and Framework.”  Additionally, LF Edge announced a new project (Secure Device Onboard) and four new members.  LF Edge welcomes General members High Peak Data, Jiangxing Intelligence, and Super Micro; and Associate member OpenStack Foundation.

Edge computing represents a new paradigm in which compute and storage are located at the edge of the network, as close as both necessary and feasible to the location where data is generated and consumed, and where actions are taken in the physical world.  The optimal location of these compute resources is determined by the inherent tradeoffs between the benefits of centralization and decentralization.

In collaboration with the Open Glossary project to align ecosystem terminology, the LF Community created the white paper entitled “Sharpening the Edge: Overview of the LF Edge Taxonomy and Framework” to introduce the key concepts of edge computing.  Additionally, the paper highlights emerging use cases in telecom, industrial, enterprise and consumer markets.  The paper also provides details of eight LF Edge open source edge projects.  The paper is available for download.

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