Mitsubishi Electric’s ME Innovation Fund Invests in Private 5G Provider

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ByChantal Polsonetti
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Pente Networks, a private wireless network orchestration and management software company, announced that the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation ME Innovation Fund, a corporate venture capital fund operated jointly with Global Brain Corporation, has invested in Pente’s latest funding round to drive Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and private 5G network growth in a variety of industries.

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Pente’s HyperCore Cloud, introduced in January 2023, is designed to migrate private networks from a complex telecom solution that only major enterprises and corporations can take advantage of and transform it into a fast, affordable and easy IT service that System Integrators, Managed Service Providers, WISPs and MNO/MVNOs are actively deploying in a multitude of industries. Today, the Pente HyperCore Cloud platform manages millions of IT-grade SIMs for customers around the globe.

The Pente HyperCore was designed as a no-code solution so anyone, even users without telecom expertise, can quickly set up and operate a private network. Pente’s solutions are also RAN agnostic, allowing any base station to be used and enabling plug-and-play deployment. By offering private wireless network solutions such as IaaS, Pente is looking to democratize wireless connectivity for enterprises, government, education, and manufacturing and support social infrastructure by closing the digital divide.

Further information on industrial 5G, private networks, and industrial cellular routers is available here

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