LogiMAT 2024: Innovative Product Launches and Positive Business Environment in Intralogistics

Author photo: Naresh Kumar Surepelly
ByNaresh Kumar Surepelly
Industry Trends

The LogiMAT trade fair, one of Europe’s largest annual intralogistics exhibitions, provides a comprehensive market overview in intralogistics and process management solutions. The tradeshow, which took place this year in March, showcased innovations in sustainability, AI, and ergonomics, with live demonstrations and expert forums related to various intralogistics solutions. The three-day show witnessed over 67,000 visitors with about 1,600 exhibitors, an increase of 6 percent compared with the previous year. About 120 innovative product debuts were announced at the show.

Exhibitors presented products and concepts that emphasize the importance of efficiently and securely managing data - the raw material of the future. The tradeshow also addressed how to optimize workplaces by defining interfaces between operatives, production resources, and intelligent robotic assistants, as well as the role of virtual reality in investment decisions with a focus on technologies essential for intralogistics solutions.

The key trends at LogiMAT 2024 were centered on the theme “SHAPING CHANGE TOGETHER: Sustainability, AI, and Ergonomics.” The event highlighted sustainability solutions for conserving energy and ensuring efficient use of resources, AI-based tools for smart data analysis, and business process automation to address skilled labor shortages, and ergonomics, optimizing workplaces and integrating interfaces between operatives, production resources, and intelligent robotic assistants. Additionally, there was a focus on IT network security and supply chain resilience. Innovations in material handling and a variety of product debuts from exhibitors were also significant features of the show.


An independent jury of scholars and journalists reviewed over 120 submissions and chose three winners that lived up to the name of BEST PRODUCT as outstanding manifestations of the award criteria: enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and streamlining operations.

The following three innovations/product offerings were honored with the prestigious "BEST PRODUCT" award at LogiMAT 2024.

  • Brightpick Autopicker: an innovative picking robot that is the first of its kind in the world to retrieve orders in warehouse aisles. 

  • Packaging Machine: A packaging machine that produces cardboard boxes or envelopes to precisely fit the product to be packaged, enhancing packaging efficiency and reducing material waste.

  • AI Language Control System: An advanced system for warehouse management that utilizes AI to improve communication and operational efficiency.

Besides new product launches and demonstrations on innovations and solution offerings, here are some of the key insights/takeaways from ARC’s discussions with exhibitors.

  • Most of the solutions focused on AI, sustainability, and intelligent robotic assistance.

  • Supply chain and intralogistics’ solutions providers see positive developments from 3PL companies and related supply chain services companies, while the automation vendors offering sensors, bar coder readers/scanners and such others see that the market is to return to growth in third quarter of the year as the distributors still have the healthy stocks.

  • The overall impression of the tradeshow was that the market has seen strong growth in the past two years, but solutions technology providers currently are experiencing a slow time as end users are in observing mode monitoring market/economy developments. While they are cautious to invest, it is not the case that customers do not have budget to invest.



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