LTTS Redefines Digital Surgeries

Author photo: Sharada Prahladrao
BySharada Prahladrao
Project Success Story

The Customer: A global player in the healthcare sector was looking for a real-time, secure and cloud native platform for digital surgeries to enhance patient outcomes. L&T Technology Services (LTTS) with its 30+ years of multi-geography and multi-domain expertise and extensive experience across chip to cloud, AI/ML, and surgical robots was selected as the solution provider.     

Digital Surgeries

The LTTS Solution: LTTS provided end-to-end platform design, development and deployment of the unified, cloud-based surgery platform with real-time insights and analysis. The platform had enhanced edge security features to protect sensitive patient information and prevent unauthorized access for ensuring data integrity and confidentiality. All this was done adhering to strict compliance with safety regulations and standards. This is one of the world’s first cloud-based digital surgery platforms.

The LTTS Edge: LTTS helped the customer to achieve its objectives as it has:

  • Proven end-to-end expertise across the medical device product development value chain.

  • Industry-leading expertise on global healthcare standards for enabling Software as a Medical Device (SaMD).

  • Extensive repository of reusable assets and a broad-based partner ecosystem.

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