Moxa Enhances IIoT Gateways through Microsoft and OPC Partnership

By Chantal Polsonetti

Acquisition or Partnership

Moxa has partnered with Microsoft and the OPC Foundation to develop the MC-1121, an industrial-grade IoT gateway with an integrated OPC UA Publisher module. By using Windows 10 IoT and OPC UA Publisher, it is designed to provide an easier way to get data from field side devices securely and reliably to the cloud for analytics and monitoring through a dashboard. The MC-1121 is intended to give system integrators a scalable, flexible solution for their projects, plus open up new opportunities and business models for them.

Long used as a method of bridging the OT and IT worlds together, OPC UA is used in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to link devices and systems that use different protocols. Originally, OPC UA worked on a client/server model, but when dealing with hundreds or thousands of devices that all need to be interconnected across multiple sites, a more scalable solution was needed. This led to the adoption of the publisher/subscriber model, which allows for more streamlined communication for improved scalability and resilience.

Moxa has been working closely with the OPC Foundation and Microsoft to adopt the functionality of OPC UA. Moxa hardware is being used for Windows 10 IoT testing, and an OPC UA Starter Kit is being assembled as a collaboration between Moxa, Microsoft, and the OPC Foundation. Moxa’s MC-1121 Series IIoT gateways deliver device data to the cloud with support for Microsoft’s OPC UA Publisher module, making it easier to get data into Azure IoT Hub. These IIoT gateways include a variety of interfaces to connect to Ethernet, serial, and I/O devices, and can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Connected Device Studio. This allows them to be used for small to medium-scale deployments, or for connecting large-scale deployment to the cloud.

Keywords: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Azure IoT Hub, OPC Foundation, Cloud, ARC Advisory Group.

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