New EdgeX Foundry Looks to Unify the IoT Marketplace to Accelerate Enterprise IoT Deployments

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By Chantal Polsonetti
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The Linux Foundation announced the launch of EdgeX Foundry, an open source project to build a common open framework for Internet of Things (IoT) edge computing and an ecosystem of interoperable components that unifies the marketplace and accelerates enterprise and Industrial IoT.  The initiative is aligned around a common goal: the simplification and standardization of Industrial IoT edge computing, while still allowing the ecosystem to add significant value.

IoT is delivering significant business value by improving efficiencies and increasing revenue through automation and analytics, but widespread fragmentation and the lack of a common IoT solution framework are hindering broad adoption and stalling market growth.  The complexity of the current landscape and the wide variety of components creates paralysis. EdgeX looks to solve this by making it easy to quickly create IoT edge solutions that have the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.

Unifying the IoT Market
EdgeX Foundry looks to unify the marketplace around a common open framework and by building an ecosystem of companies offering interoperable plug-and-play components.  Designed to run on any hardware or operating system and with any combination of application environments, EdgeX reportedly can deliver interoperability between connected devices, applications, and services, across a wide range of use cases.  Interoperability between community-developed software will be maintained through a certification program.

Dell is seeding EdgeX Foundry with its FUSE source code base under Apache 2.0.  The contribution consists of more than a dozen microservices and over 125,000 lines of code, which were architected with feedback from hundreds of technology providers and end users to facilitate interoperability between existing connectivity standards and commercial value-add, such as edge analytics, security, system management and services.  This is complemented by the recent merger of the IoTX project into the EdgeX effort, which was previously supported by EdgeX Foundry members including Two Bulls and Beechwoods Software, among others.  Additional supporting code contributions by EdgeX members are already underway.

Delivering IoT at the Edge
Adopting an open source edge software platform can benefit the entire IoT ecosystem: 

  • End customers can deploy IoT edge solutions quickly and easily with the flexibility to dynamically adapt to changing business needs;
  • Hardware Manufacturers can scale faster with an interoperable partner ecosystem and more robust security and system management;
  • Independent Software Vendors can benefit from interoperability with 3rd party applications and hardware without reinventing connectivity;
  • Sensor/Device Makers can write an application-level device driver with a selected protocol once using the SDK and get pull from all solution providers;
  • System Integrators can get to market faster with plug-and-play ingredients combined with their own proprietary inventions.


The Linux Foundation will establish a governance and membership structure for EdgeX Foundry to nurture a vibrant technical community.  A Governing Board will guide business decisions, marketing and ensure alignment between the technical communities and members.  The technical steering committee will provide leadership on the code and guide the technical direction of the project.

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