Optimizing Switchgear Efficiency Addressed by ABB’s Asset Health Solution

By Ralph Rio

Company and Product News

ABB has unveiled a new asset health solution for optimizing switchgear efficiency using real-time information of the electrical system, ABB Ability Condition Monitoring for switchgear - SWICOM.

Through monitoring and diagnostics of real-time information on the asset health of electrical systems, SWICOM helps lower switchgear maintenance costs by up to 30 percent, prevents unexpected downtime by reducing failures throughout the power process, and increases safety, according to ABB.

The consequences of revenue loss due to system failure can be substantial, especially in heavy industries. SWICOM helps to extend asset lifetime, and as a result increase the value of the electrical system investments for each installation.

Real-time data provides better support for decision making, allowing better analysis, optimization of operations and improvements in power quality.  SWICOM allows site managers and operations managers to monitor the condition of their assets locally via a touch-screen human-machine interface and an intuitive mobile app.  Connection with ABB Ability Asset Health for electrical systems – MyRemoteCare – enables visibility and tracking of the plant assets from anywhere in the world.

The solution is applicable to both ABB and OEM switchgear using IEC 61850-based protection.  Having SWICOM installed on new switchgear can save time and effort for analyzing the switchgear condition.  It provides a cost-efficient solution as just one device supports a full lineup.

SWICOM also fits existing switchgear panels when the circuit breaker and protection relays are upgraded to IEC 61850 standard.  It provides a scalable solution at a scalable cost – from essential monitoring to fully advanced prognostics, gathering data from the protection relays to additional temperature and partial discharge sensors.

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