Pipeline Scheduling Solutions Can Yield Real Business Value

By Tim Shea

Industry Trends

Pipeline operators have been increasing the adoption of pipeline scheduling solutions as technology improvements have been improving performance and functionality, with the greatest traction being experienced by larger companies that are operating more complex pipelines with a mixture of liquids, such as crude, natural gas liquids and refined products.  Smaller companies, and those operating less complex pipelines, have been much slower in their adoption as they have not previously been shown the value that can be provided by a pipeline solution that may help automate operations, help improve pipeline performance and help “do more with less” in terms of personnel.

Pipeline scheduling solutions provide operational improvements

Pipeline scheduling solutions  ARC sees an increasing trend among pipeline stakeholders to view investments in pipeline scheduling solutions as a tool to enhance operational performance, ensure regulatory compliance, automate shipping balances, improve accuracy in reporting and shipping, improve real-time data visibility, support storage transfers, and improve profitability, among others.  Deploying pipeline scheduling solutions is critical to helping owner-operators, pipeline operators, shippers, and relevant stakeholders maximize their transportation operations, maintain regulatory compliance, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce the chances that challenges such as the impact of transmix reprocessing will impact operational and financial performance.

Comprehensive pipeline scheduling solutions market coverage

ARC’s recently published research covering the worldwide market for pipeline scheduling solutions. It provides segmentations among major regional markets, revenue category (software, services), by consuming industry, value chain segment (upstream, midstream, primary distribution) by pipeline medium, liquid medium by type (chemicals, crude oil, finished products, natural gas liquids), applications for liquids and applications for natural gas, by sales channel, and by customer type.  The author welcomes any questions, feedback or discussion that shares your experiences and/or perspectives on this interesting market for pipeline scheduling solutions at tshea@arcweb.com.


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