Private 5G Innovation and Global IoT Adoption Are Being Driven by Cisco and Intel Collaboration

Author photo: Chantal Polsonetti
By Chantal Polsonetti
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Leading network infrastructure provider Cisco announced plans to collaborate with Intel to accelerate engineering innovation and drive adoption of Cisco Private 5G based on Intel Private 5G Innovationtechnology.  As part of their collaboration, Cisco and Intel will create reference architectures across various Internet of Things (IoT) industries, including manufacturing, supply chain, and smart venues, to scale and expand Cisco’s Private 5G solution blueprint through Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners. They will team with MSPs across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific, customizing the solutions to meet specific regional needs and use cases.

Businesses are relying on private 5G for secure, high speed, low latency, and ultra-reliable wide-area connections. To optimize and enhance the performance of Cisco Private 5G to support these use-cases, the companies will work together on Edge AI frameworks based on Intel’s Xeon processors, Intel Smart Edge for multi-access edge computing, and RAN solutions.

To expedite the adoption of private 5G and deliver end-to-end solutions to enterprise customers, the companies also intend to collaborate in building three global private 5G innovation centers to serve as test beds where Enterprise CIOs can vet private 5G use cases and test a wide array of 5G applications before taking them to market. Cisco and Intel will work with various 5G device manufacturers, Radio Access Network (RAN) manufacturers, and enterprise application software publishers, whose solutions can be validated and customized at the private 5G innovation centers. Target locations for the innovation center labs include one in the U.S. (California), one in Germany (Frankfurt), and one in Japan (Tokyo).

Cisco and Intel have demonstrated how Cisco Private 5G, with Intel Technology, can bring simple, secure, and seamless innovation through tight integration with enterprise industrial networks. The demonstration features a simulated manufacturing robotics use case with Cisco Private 5G architecture, Intel Xeon processors, and Intel Smart Edge software performing anomaly detection on a production line.

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