PTC Releases New KEPServerEX Solution For Connectivity to Industrial Automation Assets

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

PTC announced the release of the newest version of its KEPServerEX industrial connectivity solution.  KEPServerEX 6.7 is designed to help make it easier to connect to industrial automation assets via a single, more secure solution.  Enhancements to the Torque Tool driver and new features for more secure server deployment provides enterprises with the ability to utilize KEPServerEX to better standardize industrial communications.

With KEPServerEX 6.7’s breadth of connectivity, enhanced reliability, and more secure assets, engineers can provide greater focus on process efficiencies and product improvement.

Torque tools are commonly leveraged in discrete manufacturing scenarios.  KEPServerEX is one of the connectivity applications that more seamlessly integrate with these assets.  KEPServerEX provides data access to torque tools, as well as other industrial automation assets, creating a single point of access for industrial software. The integration helps to decreases the time and effort spent on software implementation.

KEPServerEX 6.7’s upgrade also includes more advanced security enhancements to address the rising rate of cyber-attacks on operations networks.  To help combat threats, such as the risk of IP theft, downtime, and comprised safety, PTC has expanded and enhanced its secure remote configuration tools, reaffirming the company’s commitment to its Shared Responsibility Model.

Craig Resnick, ARC Advisory Group, commented, “Digital transformation requires secure, reliable, seamless connectivity to all industrial assets, which is a mandatory step in any operational improvement initiative. KEPServerEX provides users with a single point-of-access solution that can be implemented quickly and easily to help empower industrial enterprises as they work to improve operational processes, resulting in improved efficiencies, increased KPIs, and rapid ROIs. The improvements to the Torque Tool driver and the new security features in version 6.7 make standardization even easier.”

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