Rockwell Automation Launches LifecycleIQ Services to Deliver New Levels of Partnership with Customers

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ByCraig Resnick
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Rockwell Automation is evolving its service and solutions capabilities by launching a new brand: LifecycleIQ Services, designed to help companies innovate faster and more sustainably. The new brand represents new levels of services that customers can engage with Rockwell Automation’s technology and trained professionals to help  improve their company’s performance across their industrial value chain.

LifecycleIQ Services provides new levels of partnership that its customers need and expect today.  By combining digital technologies with more expansive human knowledge, the services can help companies to work faster, smarter and with greater agility throughout their business cycle.  The services can help companies better leverage the Connected Enterprise during the design, operations, and maintenance stages in greenfield and brownfield facilities.

Industrial companies can use LifecycleIQ Services to help achieve better outcomes, such as:

Capturing more value from digital transformation initiatives

Digital initiatives can struggle to get off the ground because companies don’t know what steps to take or where to start. LifecycleIQ Services leverages Rockwell Automation’s industry knowledge and experience to help those companies strategically plan, implement and scale their digital initiatives.

Support can begin with defining strategic objectives, identifying use cases and quantifying business value. Rockwell Automation can then continue to support those companies through implementation, ongoing maintenance and continuous innovation.

Reducing risk with comprehensive cybersecurity support

Cybersecurity is a top priority, but many companies do not have specialists with both information and operations technology (IT/OT) security knowledge. LifecycleIQ Services leverages Rockwell Automation’s knowledge and experience to address complex security challenges in IT/OT environments, as the company understands the OT environment and how it interfaces with IT and follows industry security standards.

LifecycleIQ Services can help companies to adopt a proactive cybersecurity approach and address the attack continuum before, during and after an event. As more companies connect their plants to remote workers and partners, such as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Rockwell Automation can help protect those connections with more secure remote access and security posture assessment services.

Improving workforce support

Companies need new ways to support their workforces as they contend with global health challenges and skills shortages brought on by the retirement of trained workers and an influx of new technologies. They also need workforce support as they are trying to best leverage IIoT technologies.

LifecycleIQ Services can help companies address their unique workforce challenges and gaps by assessing needs, identifying priorities and creating workforce development programs.  Rockwell Automation also uses remote support capabilities and augmented reality technologies to help companies interact virtually with support engineers, strengthen skills with virtual training, and provide safety and security services without sending people into plants.

To help to improve customer experiences, LifecycleIQ Services is also introducing a new way to receive multiple services in one contract.  An Integrated Service Agreement allows companies to select a package of offerings to simplify their support needs and have just one number to call to access experts and receive priority service.  Companies can get 24x7 technical support, repair services, reports and analytics, and field services, all in one integrated contract.



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