Rockwell Automation Launches Threat Detection Managed Services and FactoryTalk Motion Analyzer

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

Rockwell Automation Expands Threat Detection Offering through Managed Services

Rockwell Automation launched its new Threat Detection Managed Services offerings in early 2022, providing customers Threat Detectionwith application-level real-time monitoring and response services to help detect, identify, contain, eradicate, and recover from a cyber incident.

Rockwell Automation announced that is now expanding its Threat Detection Managed Services offerings, providing new services that will enable Rockwell Automation to help better meet its customers’ needs with:

  • 24/7 security alert monitoring
  • 24/7 hardware health monitoring
  • System tuning
  • Software update administration
  • Backup administration
  • Value reporting
  • Training

These new services are available to customers as a cloud-based service backed by trained and certified information technology and operational technology (IT/OT) professionals for both the Cisco and Claroty threat detection software.



Rockwell Automation’s New FactoryTalk Motion Analyzer Simplifies Selection of Motion Control Components

Rockwell Automation released its new FactoryTalk Motion Analyzer software that is designed to help machine designers save time and access the data they need to optimize their motion designs. The software enables users to select, analyze and validate their system components using new, more intuitive workflows and comparison tools. The software is now available for download on the Rockwell Automation website.

FactoryTalk Motion Analyzer software consists of a component library that enables the analysis of a wide-variety of user-defined applications. Designers can select their system using a combination of Kinetix motors, Kinetix drives, select PowerFlex drives, and third-party components, such as gearboxes from Rockwell Automation Technology Partners. They can maximize the efficiency of their work by choosing from pre-built application templates or by starting with a blank template and adding components and motion profiles to define an optimum machine.

The analysis tools in FactoryTalk Motion Analyzer software can help to facilitate a better understanding of a machine’s operating condition and make providing solutions easier, enabling system designs to operate at a higher level of performance and energy efficiency.

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