Schneider Electric Acquires DC Systems B.V. to Help Advance Innovations in Electrical Distribution

By Craig Resnick

Acquisition or Partnership

Schneider Electric has acquired DC Systems, a Netherlands based start-up specializing in active AC/DC microgrids, DC power conversion, and a comprehensive range of DC solutions. With the acquisition of DC Systems, Schneider Electric is consolidating its portfolio to help its customers increase simplicity and resiliency for relevant applications, such as building microgrids in unreliable public grid environments, and long-distance applications, such as public lighting.

DC Systems has an established track record in developing hybrid AC/DC electrical distribution systems for microgrids, and its experience has been built on the deployment of multiple projects.  Based on its experience in the field, DC Systems is recognized as an organization that has deployed a “100 percent DC-electrified building”, namely the Amsterdam-based “Circl building”.  DC Systems has also provided DC electrical solutions for over 300 kilometers of public road lighting, as well as for several commercial buildings across Europe.  All of these projects were realized in conjunction with its existing ecosystems of contractors and integrators.

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