Schneider Electric Integrates Hailo Technologies’ AI Processors to Improve Edge AI Capabilities

Author photo: Chantal Polsonetti
ByChantal Polsonetti
Acquisition or Partnership

Schneider Electric, a supplier in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, announced a technology collaboration with Hailo Technologies, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chipmaker, to integrate Hailo’s advanced processors within Improve Edge AI CapabilitiesSchneider Electric solutions, thus improving its Edge AI Capabilities. AI offers significant benefits in enhancing the performance, efficiency, and capabilities of industrial automation systems, allowing industries across all segments to better position themselves for the future.  

Edge AI processors with low-power consumption enable real-time, high-accuracy data analysis at the edge, increasing the intelligence and efficiency of industrial automation solutions   By integrating the Hailo-8 AI processor within its industrial automation solutions, Schneider Electric intends to unlock new intelligence at the edge and drive innovation for its customers, with significant and immediate improvements across several common manufacturing tasks, including: 

  • Pick and place: achieving object detection tasks six times faster than central processing units (CPUs) 

  • Quality control: running classification processes 20 times faster than a CPU 

  • Yield optimization: improving output and throughput, reducing waste by 15% on average  

Hailo Technologies’ edge AI chip enables new compute possibilities for sectors like automotive, security, retail, and manufacturing. Its Hailo-8 processor is an efficient and compact AI processor with low power consumption, enabling real-time, high-accuracy data analysis at the edge. 

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