SCIA Launches SCIA Engineer 22 with Enhanced Structural Analysis Usability

Author photo: Ralph Rio
By Ralph Rio
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SCIA, the European supplier of structural analysis software and part of the Nemetschek group, announces the launch of SCIA Engineer 22. The company’s core purpose is to work with its customers by helping them Structural Analysis Usabilitycreate their best structural designs. In doing so, SCIA regularly improves its software with extended and enhanced functionalities.

Last year, with SCIA Engineer 21, the company launched a new interface, placing its software at the forefront of global structural analysis software.

The focus of SCIA Engineer 22 is on SCIA customers and streamlining their daily workflow. The new version allows users to have a better insight in the economy of the design, helping save material.

With time efficiency in mind, SCIA sped up lots of commonly used actions performed in the software: numerous input operations now require fewer clicks, while others benefit from newly added templates or automation. What’s more, version 22 offers better, clearer and, if required, more compact presentations of both input data and results.

Time efficiency

Some of the most striking updates that translate into a boost in time efficiency include new reinforcement templates for columns in concrete, the automatic design of reinforcement with SLS requirements taken into account and an Extended AutoDesign report. For results too, there are some notable updates: there’s a hotkey to refresh the results, a user-assigned hotkey to repeat the last command, and an easier way to close the results panel.

Material savings

Next to time efficiency, material efficiency is an important aspect of a civil engineer’s job. Especially for concrete structures, important improvements have been put in place. It is now possible to evaluate the economy of the design via the weight of reinforcement per cubic meter of concrete in the extended AutoDesign report.

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