Siemens Launches New Web-based Process Control System at Hannover Messe

By David Humphrey

Company and Product News

After a series of rumors and teasers in the past few months, Siemens launched a new web-based process control system at the Hannover Messe in the first week of April. Simatic PCS neo is the company’s new system software that offers a variety of new features to help bring process engineering into the age of digitalization. These features include support for global web-based collaboration in engineering and operations, and intuitive handling that, according to Siemens, consolidates all relevant information in a single workbench.

The new software includes a graphical user interface from which all applications can be reached with just a few clicks. All information can be accessed at any time and from any location easily and directly using a secure internet connection. Web-based parallel working for any number of users does not require local software installation. Consistent information is ensured at any time through object-oriented data management and a clear session concept.

Simatic PCS neo offers an open and flexible architecture that integrates modular engineering with support for the open module type packages (MTP) standard. The system’s scalability enables the use of control technology from small process modules up to large plants. Reusable engineering code enables easy scale-up and adaptation to different plant sizes.

According to Siemens, Simatic PCS neo meets the requirements of the IEC 62443 standard for cyber security, thanks to its implementation of the multi-layer "defense-in-depth" security concept.

The new Simatic PCS neo system software uses the hardware portfolio and application architecture of the Siemens’ process control system Simatic PCS 7, version 9.0, providing customers with investment and know-how protection, plus the features and advantages of the new system.

David Humphrey, ARC Advisory Group, commented, “The launch of Simatic PCS neo is a significant milestone in Siemens’ 20-year history in process control. We understand that its web-based functionality is based on extensive research, and is designed to address a variety of trends, including human factors, ageing workforce, new working methods, and the power of connected engineering tools. But one of the most attractive features for existing customers is the fact that Simatic PCS neo runs on the current PSC 7 hardware platform. There is no need to design-in and debug new process control hardware. Instead, the focus is purely on the software and how the system interfaces with multiple users.”

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