Software for Open Process Automation: Second in a Series – The FACE Standard

By Harry Forbes

ARC Report Abstract

It may seem odd to dedicate a report on process automation software to a software technology that today has no presence in process automation. However, the FACE software architecture and FACE Consortium that supports it will play an important role in the future of process automation as end users and automation suppliers work to define an “Open Process Automation” architecture.

Below ARC answers several key questions about FACE from the standpoint of the process automation business.

What Is FACE?
FACE (Future Airborne Capability Environment) is a standardized system-level software interoperability architecture that was developed to serve military avionics applications. The objectives in developing the FACE standard were to promote the rigorous reuse of software in military avionics systems. Software reuse enables suppliers to more rapidly assemble and integrate avionics systems and enables different military aircraft platforms to much more rapidly take up new innovations in avionics.

Who Manages FACE?
The Open Group facilitates the FACE standard and technology development. The FACE Consortium, a legal entity, owns the relevant intellectual property and manages the standard development, documentation, testing, and conformance certification processes. The FACE Consortium con-tracts with other organizations to execute various tasks that require independence (such as conformance-related processes).

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Keywords: FACE Consortium, FACE (Future Airborne Capability Environment), Interoperability, Open Process Automation Forum, Software, ARC Advisory Group.

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