The State of Cyberwarfare to be Discussed at the Armis Workshop During the ARC Cybersecurity Forum

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ByLarry O'Brien
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The ARC Industry and Cybersecurity Forum is fast approaching. From Monday Feb. 6 to Thursday Feb. 9, we have a packed agenda that will feature dozens of end user presentations on the topic of OT cybersecurity. Monday, February 6 will feature a reprise of our day-long series of cybersecurity workshops and panel discussions featuring leaders from the industrial and critical infrastructure sectors. Monday will also feature a series of vendor-sponsored luncheon workshops where you can get up to speed on some of the Cyberwarfarelatest offerings from key vendors. 

OT cybersecurity provider and ARC Forum gold sponsor Armis will be hosting a lunch workshop on Monday at 12:10 PM on the state of cyberwarfare. Here's the session description:

The State of Cyberwarfare - Identifying Sentiments on Cyber Warfare, Attack Trends, Cyber Spending, and More

Underpinning the 2022 trends in cyberwarfare, threat actors are moving from the reconnaissance and espionage realms into the kinetic application of cyberwarfare tools. The year 2022 will go down as the year of the vulnerability. Will 2023 be the year of the zero day exploit? No one knows the exact amount offered for an OT zero-day exploit, however we do know a single unpublished Android exploit fetches $2.5 million. 

Join Paul Griswold, Chief Product Officer Cybersecurity, Honeywell, and Steve Gyurindak, Field CTO, Network, Armis, in discussing OT security professionals’ sentiments, 2023 cyber predictions, and the merits of collective, community centric policing to protect our most critical infrastructure. 

Please join us for this session! It's not too late to register for the ARC Forum. You can find out more about the ARC Industry and Cybersecurity Forum here

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