Supply Chain Planning Market Landscape Update

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Supply Chain Planning Market Landscape Update is ARC's newest interview series featuring analysts answering questions firsthand about their most recent research, all in video format. Producing a market research analysis requires an immense amount of effort, expertise, and research. This interview provides listeners an opportunity to hear from the authors themselves about their most recent findings and key takeaways.

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“How long have you been conducting this study?”

Steve: For at least 20 years.

“What is the scope of the Market Analysis Report?

 Steve: Let’s start with the definition of Supply Chain Planning. It is made up of a set of applications, one set of applications is demand and inventory. Which forecasts the amount of inventory and widgets you may need and where you need to put it. There are also supply chain planning solutions that create a digital model of the supply chain and understands the flow of products from factories to distribution centers. They understand how long it takes to make a certain product versus another product. If you combine the supply solution and the demand solution, you can meet your customer demand with a lower amount of inventory. The major savings from supply chain planning are higher customer service levels with lower amount of inventory.

The scope: It’s a global study that covers multiple industries, regions, and contains varying customer sizes. The industry is worth over a billion dollars.

“Who are the leaders in this industry and any emerging suppliers?”

Steve: There are many suppliers that have many strengths and weaknesses. As with the case of enterprise application markets, Oracle and SAP are leaders. In this market there are best of breed suppliers that have very rich and deep solutions. Those players include Blue Yonder and Naxos. As for the more recent entrants into the market, it would be 09 Solutions and Relex solutions, both are very interesting solutions.

“What is the key growth or success factors and what are the biggest inhibiting factors?”

Steve: We have 20 years of history, so when we go to forecast this market, we take that historical growth line, and that will become our forecast for upcoming years. We might move that line up or we might move that line down. COVID has not affected this market at all, and all of the supply chain disruptions taught these companies that they need to become more agile. Companies also need to become more resilient; they need to figure out how to take a punch and keep on punching back.

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