Surgical Outcomes Redefined by LTTS

Author photo: Sharada Prahladrao
BySharada Prahladrao
Project Success Story
Surgical Outcomes Redefined

Customer: A global healthcare major wanted a unified cloud-based digital surgery platform, leveraging EDGE, IOT and AI/ML technologies for medical device connectivity, data capture & analysis and video inferencing. This platform serves as a foundation for the future of healthcare, where data-driven insights will drive decision-making and personalized patient care. This unified platform fosters innovation and encourages cross-enterprise digital partnerships.


  • L&T Technology Services (LTTS) with its 30+ years of multi-geography expertise, digital engineering capabilities, and extensive experience in enabling SaMD (Software as a Medical Device) was the chosen partner to work on one of the world’s first cloud-based digital surgery platforms.

  • LTTS has an extensive repository of reusable assets and a deep partnership ecosystem, including the Top 10 global medical device OEMs.

  • Excellent understanding of standards that include IEC 62304, 14971 etc. for enabling SaMD; ISO 13485 certified centres and QMS systems.

What LTTS Enabled: LTTS, with its proven end-to-end expertise across the medical device product development value chain enabled:

  • A cloud-based digital surgery platform, with access to EMR (Electronic Medical Records) data, enabling 24x7 connection between doctors, surgeons, and healthcare providers for real-time decisions.

  • This platform transforms the way surgeries are performed by enabling personalization, precision, and efficiency.

  • Improved edge security to protect sensitive patient information and prevent unauthorized access to ensure data integrity and confidentiality.

  • Strict compliance with safety regulations and standards.

Business Outcome: The following critical customer’s objectives were met by partnering with LTTS.

  • Improve patient outcomes by gathering critical insights from real-time data.

  • Enhancing patient and surgeon customer experience through personalized solutions.

  • Providing surgeons with 24/7 cloud access to essential patient diagnostic reports.

  • Optimizing the business operations for greater efficiency and cost savings.



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