Uptake and Geotab Deliver AI-Powered Fleet Management

By Michael Guilfoyle

Acquisition or Partnership

Industrial AI and IoT software supplier, Uptake, and fleet telematics provider, Geotab, have joined forces to enable fleets to predict failures before they occur, using AI-Powered Fleet Management.

Historically, fleet managers used telematics to understand basic facts about their fleets, such as location and drive time.  Now, fleets have access to AI-powered predictive analytics.  By combining Geotab hardware, which captures data from approximately 100 different truck sensors, with Uptake’s AI software, this solution helps provide fleets with precise insights into which components will fail and when.

Geotab’s devices use a patented efficiency algorithm that enables them to rapidly transmit data from sensors on a truck into the cloud.  Uptake analyzes this massive amount of data in its proprietary AI engines, applies contextual information like weather and historical data, and delivers data science-backed insights that keep the entire fleet running at peak efficiency.

The software prevents data overload by only presenting alerts when trucks are at risk of breaking down.  For example, it can identify voltage fluctuations that indicate a pending alternator failure, or that the diesel particulate filter needs to be cleaned sooner than expected.  This enables fleets to optimize their maintenance cadence and maximize vehicle availability, while ensuring they are neither under- nor over-maintaining their fleet.

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