Verve to Host ARC Cybersecurity Forum Workshop: Using Automation to Manage the Complexity Identification, Prioritization, and Remediation of Vulnerabilities in OT

Author photo: Larry O'Brien
By Larry O'Brien
Technology Trends

The ARC Industry and Cybersecurity Forum is fast approaching. From Monday Feb. 6 to Thursday Feb. 9 we have a packed agenda that will feature dozens of end user presentations on the topic of OT cybersecurity. ARC Cybersecurity WorkshopMonday, February 6 will feature a reprise of our day-long series of ARC cybersecurity workshops and panel discussions featuring leaders from the industrial and critical infrastructure sectors. Monday will also feature a series of vendor-sponsored luncheon workshops where you can get up to speed on some of the latest OT cybersecurity offerings from key vendors. 

Verve Industrial has been in the OT cybersecurity business for over 25 years and will be hosting a lunch workshop on Monday at 1:05 PM. Here's the session description:

The vulnerability and risk landscape of OT is expanding rapidly with a 40% compound annual growth rate of CVEs from ICS-CERT. This is before the SBOM work that is now being encouraged which could scale the number of vulnerabilities by a factor of 2, 5, or 10. At the same time, software and hardware vulnerabilities are only one of many risks within OT – misconfigured devices, weak user and account management, insecure network architectures, etc., all pose other, potentially critical risks.

Where should organizations start? How can they make progress against the greatest risks given the limited resources available? How can they keep up with changes in these distributed environments when risk assessments often are only completed every year or perhaps longer.

Verve CEO, John Livingston, will share his and his company’s experiences over the past 15 years automating the complex tasks of OT risk identification, prioritization, remediation, and maintenance.


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