Wago Implements Bosch Rexroth’s Linux-Based OS

Author photo: Fabian Wanke and Constanze Schmitz
ByFabian Wanke and Constanze Schmitz
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The German manufacturer, Wago, will use Bosch Rexroth's ctrlX OS in their controllers in the medium and high performance classes. They will be the first system and technology partner for this real-time capable, Linux-based operating system.

In an unprecedented move, Bosch Rexroth has uncoupled its ctrlX OS operating system from their own control hardware and made it available for industrial use. This means that other companies and even competitors can use the operating system in their own applications and act as system and technology partners. According to Bosch, ctrlX OS is designed for real-time use and applicable at all layers - from the field level to edge devices to the cloud. By installing ctrlX OS, customers gain access to the entire ecosystem, including a wide range of apps  available for download from the ctrlX Store.

The joint goal of the two companies is to create a-leading automation platform for the software-driven industry of the future. "That sounds ambitious. However, when you consider how fragmented on the one hand and proprietary on the other the industry is still structured, it is a realistic undertaking in the interest of the customer. In concrete terms, this means wanting to anchor the platform as broadly as possible. Both Bosch Rexroth and Wago consider it essential to bring even more system and technology partners on board for ctrlX OS," says Steffen Winkler, CSO of the Automation Business Unit at Bosch Rexroth.

"The core of Wago's product strategy is the implementation of ctrlX OS on our independently developed Wago control platforms. Here, we bring the new technology to our product expertise and at the same time can develop market-specific solutions with our industry experience," says Johannes Pfeffer, Vice President of the Automation Business Unit at Wago.

Wago's automation system consists of various classic controllers and couplers to connect fieldbus and network protocols, and a large portfolio of I/O modules. "We will keep our control platform active in the market in the long term," explains Johannes Pfeffer, and continues, "For performance-side expansion, we would like to rely on ctrlX OS in the long term at the middle and upper performance ends - i.e., wherever the handling of large amounts of data with strong temporal accuracy and high IT security standards is required."

Fabian Wanke, Senior Analyst for ARC Europe comments: "This cooperation shows once again how important it is to offer open, Linux-based OS in this day and age. ARC already foresaw this trend more than 6 years ago. While Windows OS will continue to play an important role in the automation world, the way towards Linux has been observed for years and will continue. At this year's ARC European Industry Forum in Sitges, we will discuss this topic with interesting speakers and panelists."

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