'Wearable' sensors for industrial machines

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​Many of us use wearable technology to monitor our health and track fitness goals and progress.  Wouldn't it be nice to able to add 'wearable' sensors to an industrial machine, to easily monitor its health?  The idea behind the Prophecy Sensorlytics wearable machine sensors is a system that can be easily added to existing machines.  It's a great example of the potential for the Industrial Internet of Things to improve asset performance for smaller manufacturers, without waiting for the next generation of 'smart' machines to come to market, and without the expense of the traditional controls hierarchy. 

Machines often manifest their failure signature in the form of rising or falling surface temperature, pressure, flow, vibration, sound, power factor, color, etc. 

Patented “machine wearable” sensors from Prophecy Sensor Analytics offer reconfigurable surface mounting of the system on chip (SoC) sensors, wireless connectivity, and enable easy and retro-fittable sensor placement to old and new machines. 

To analyze the sensor data in real time, Prophecy Machine Wearable IoT Platform (PMW-IP) uses state of the art open source Big Data technology like Apache Kafka and Apache Storm and machine learning of sensor data.  Using a mobile app, a newly detected alarm can be sent via SMS and email so that supervisors are made aware of a possible failure situation. 

At ARC we hear a lot about using the Industrial Internet of Things to improve asset performance and reduce unplanned downtime.  We think even more benefits can be had by adding 'wearable' sensors to more industrial machines.  

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