Marketing Communications Services

ARC's industry analysts review most of the marketing communication materials produced by suppliers in the industrial markets. ARC is able to provide an external perspective around which marketing communications strategies can be most effective. 

Following are examples of the different Marketing Communication Services we provide to our clients.

White Papers

In some cases an ARC White Paper can be an effective tool to highlight the business issues which can be solved with your solution.  This is especially true with a new or innovative solution where educating the market can be an important aspect of creating demand for your solution.  It legitimizes the user application you are targeting and provides a credible description of the benefits.  ARC maintains their editorial independence when writing the paper. 

Case Studies

How do you prove to prospects that they will be successful with your products and services?  A case study documents a user 'success story', illustrating how a customer of yours used your products.  It highlights the Return on Investment (ROI) achieved by the user, encouraging similar companies to consider their own opportunity for cost savings.

If you have difficulty getting approval from your customer to document their success in a case study due to legal or corporate issues, ARC can help by authoring it.  As a well known independent analyst firm with editorial integrity, ARC will certify the results and write the case study without mention of the specific end user.


If you are delivering a Webcast, then featuring a leading ARC industry expert will improve your audience acquisition and add third party credibility.  The ARC analyst can educate the audience on the market space and benefits.  You would present your product and how it fits.  This is particularly useful for new product introductions to your sales team and to existing customers.

Content for Website or Newsletter

ARC understands the interests of manufacturing people and their needs.  We can help you with thought-leading information that attracts your target audience to your website.  Some examples of what ARC can provide you with:

  • ARC Column:  The Web column is a monthly column written by an ARC analyst for a 12-month period.  Written in an informal style appropriate for publishing on a Website, you may select the general topic area or range of topic areas (e.g., Supply Chain) and the ARC analyst will write an article in that general area.  You also have the opportunity to suggest specific topics.  A Web column is typically 2 pages (600-700 words) with a supporting table or graphic. 
  • ARC Briefs:  An ARC Brief typically looks at a particular market trend or technology of particular interest to visitors to your Website.  The topics addressed often highlight opportunities related to applying or using the technology and products you are promoting, encouraging visitors to go deeper into your Website to find out what solutions are more specifically available.  An ARC Web brief typically runs 3 pages (1000 words) in length with an associated table or graphic.

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