New Product Introduction

ARC can advise you on an effective new product introduction or go-to-market strategy which can help to determine effective pricing and channel strategies.  Specifically, we can help you with strategy and planning, product and channel development, packaging and pricing, collateral, announcement and roll-out, lead generation, business development, and market management. 

Crafting a Market Strategy and Business Plan

Will the market strategy make business sense?  Data for your market analysis from a respected third party source will improve credibility and your chances of obtaining funding.  An ARC Market Study provides the research and analysis needed for market strategy development.  If more granularity is needed, ARC has an established methodology, tools, and contact database to quickly execute a custom survey.  Fact-based decisions lead to more successful programs.  ARC's Strategy Workshop is a customized, step-by-step proven process for helping you develop a strategic plan and gain team consensus.

Product and Channel Development

Can't do it all yourself?  Find the best partners.  ARC has the market knowledge, contacts, worldwide presence, and established business processes to assist with a partner search.  Find alliances for products or technology, distributors who have access to the buyer, and systems integrators for implementation services.

Packaging and Pricing

Are your products and options packaged so that prospects can easily understand what they are getting?  Can sales people easily configure and price an order?  Or, is it an irrational menu containing each engineers' project?  ARC's analysts will provide the external viewpoint needed to see the "forest among the trees" for good quotations and faster order placement.

Collateral and Web Content

After the datasheet is done, now what?  The prospective "recommender" or engineer needs a white paper explaining the technology or application.  The "approver" or manager needs a case study with benefits.  Collateral is required for both of these audiences.  If not, the sales cycle will be extended or indefinitely stalled.  ARC has the skills and knowledgebase to write these papers, and we provide third party credibility.

Announcement and Roll-out

Including an ARC executive speaker at your announcement or roll-out offers an interesting outside view and strategic thinking that entices people to attend your event.  This helps improve audience acquisition for press announcements, sales meetings, and user groups.

For More Information

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