2023 ARC Forum Cybersecurity Program Addressed the Most Critical Industrial Security Challenges

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By Sid Snitkin


The strong attendance for the Cybersecurity program at the ARC 2023 Americas Forum in Orlando demonstrated that secure facilities remains a major concern for industrial companies. The program’s workshops and case studies all received high ratings for content and relevance.

The ARC Industry Forum cybersecurity program is unique as it is embedded inside a larger conference that explores the many developments changing industrial operations. This includes digital transformation programs like digital twins, sustainability, edge computing, open automation, and more. For over ten years, this approach has allowed attendees to learn more about the activities that are driving tomorrow’s cybersecurity requirements. Most importantly, it provides opportunities for cybersecurity people to network with users and suppliers across the industrial automation spectrum.

Key topics covered in this year’s cybersecurity workshops included the changing threat landscape for OT, new security strategies for digitalized operations, MSSP strategies for OT, and secure cloud and edge architectures. This was augmented with end user case study presentations on projects that spanned the industrial landscape. As always, the end user participation is what really distinguishes the ARC conference from others. Sixteen end users from industries ranging from oil and gas to chemicals, semiconductor, power generation, water, manufacturing, smart cities, and more shared their thoughts and offered actionable advice on the leading cybersecurity issues and challenges.

Program Highlights

The ARC 2023 Americas Industry Forum included five days of workshops, keynotes, and sessions spanning the myriad developments revolutionizing industrial plants and critical infrastructure operations. Cybersecurity is intertwined with all these developments, and the Forum cybersecurity program reflected this with various sessions on the impact they are having and will have on cybersecurity requirements.

The cybersecurity program included a full day of cybersecurity workshops that discussed current and emerging developments and what’s needed to secure facilities in light of these challenges. Case study presentations by a wide range of leading industrial companies augmented the topical workshops and demonstrated the diversity of cybersecurity challenges and strategies across industrial operations.

Cybersecurity Workshops

Several hundred cybersecurity and other professionals took advantage of the pre-forum cybersecurity workshop day. This was kicked off with a session on Industrial Cybersecurity – Today and Tomorrow that provided useful insight from Jason Burt and Klint Walker of CISA on today’s challenging threat landscape and recent incidents like the Colonial Pipeline.

Industrial Security Challenges


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