Yokogawa North America Event Highlights Operational Excellence

Last month, Yokogawa held its North American Users Conference at the (very familiar) Renaissance SeaWorld hotel in Orlando, Florida.  This regional conference drew more than 350 participants. In his opening address, Shuji Mori, CEO and President of Yokogawa Corporation America, urged the audience to look to the future of industrial automation and business process transformation for operational excellence.

Building Connected Networks

As a global sponsor at the recent ARC India Forum in Bangalore, Bentley Systems showcased its technology expertise and collaborative efforts via presentations by Anne-Marie Walters, Industry Marketing Director, Oil and Gas and Manufacturing; and Ralph D’Souza, Senior Regional Manager (India).

Maximizing Digital Transformation with Augmented and Virtual Reality

To leverage data gained through digitalization, organizations must address the methods they use to deliver and consume information. The customizable dashboards used in many Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications are well suited for many tasks. However, within a connected digital enterprise, additional tools are needed to accommodate the special requirements of all roles, including those outside the office. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology offer unique capabilities that address many of these requirements for engineers, operators, and technicians.
Addressing Resource Gaps in Industrial Cybersecurity Programs Steve Clouther Tue, 09/25/2018 - 10:26
ARC Advisory Group research indicates that while many companies across a wide spectrum of industries have implemented cybersecurity technologies to protect their facilities, few have the resources to sustain their effectiveness.  Lack of cybersecurity expertise also constrains use of more advanced anomaly and breach detection solutions that enable rapid detection and removal of system compromises. 

Artificial Intelligence Will Drive the Future of Manufacturing

Mitsubishi Electric participated as a global sponsor at ARC Advisory Group’s recent India Forum in Bangalore, which attracted over 250 delegates. In his presentation, Sunil Mehta, General Manager, Automotive Business Development Department, Factory Automation & Industrial Division, Mitsubishi Electric India spoke about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how the technology can be used effectively in the manufacturing sector.
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