ARC’s Industrial Best Practice Surveys 2021



ARC Advisory Group is conducting industrial best practice surveys to help companies determine their best path forward for a multitude of current and emerging technologies and practices.  We encourage you to become a part of ARC's Research Community.  There is no charge or fees to become a member.

ARC's industry transformation best practices survey analysis provides an external viewpoint to give you a clear understanding of how your company compares with others.  Take a survey and receive a free copy of the aggregated results.  All our surveys are designed to take less than ten minutes. 

What Best Practice Surveys Can Do for You

ARC’s best practice surveys are designed to help you evaluate the performance of your applications, business processes, and/or organizational structure relative to your peers in industry.  This understanding will help you allocate resources, set priorities, and ultimately achieve competitive advantage.

Best Practice Surveys

These surveys will help you understand what the adoption of current technology and business trends is.  By comparing yourself to others, you can improve your strategies and investments in the future.  Note that many of these will provide you instant results, so you can immediately see how you compare with your peers!

Currently Available Surveys for Your Assessment Needs.

To take a survey, please click on the survey title below or visit out website at ARC Best Practice Surveys.  The following is a list and brief description of best practice surveys available.  Click on the underlined name for more information and to access the survey directly

Operator Training System Program Assessment

This survey should help you to take an introspective view of where you are and where you need to go with your Operator Training Simulation Program technology and your digital transformation.

Process Safety Culture Best Practices

We believe that people working within a strong safety culture achieve greater safety, and it is management’s responsibility to foster and maintain such a culture.  How does your experience compare with your peers?

Autonomous Operations Maturity Assessment

New digital technologies have the potential to augment people and processes to an unprecedented degree.  How do your operations compare now and in the future?

Operations Continuity Planning

Many companies have business continuity plans to mitigate the effects of unanticipated events.  Does your business have such plans that extend into manufacturing operations?

Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality Evaluation Survey

Some industrial enterprises have found Augmented and Virtual Reality applications have helped them perform better.  Evaluate your AR/VR usage or plans for use with your peers.

Oil & Gas Digital Transformation Assessment

The oil and gas industry has been experiencing a roller-coaster ride as the world is looking for the new normal.  This brief survey can help you ascertain the current state of adoption of digital transformation among oil & gas companies.

Artificial Intelligence for Machinery Applications 2021

This survey will help machine builders, as well as machine users, to determine how their peers utilize Artificial Intelligence.

COVID-19 Impact for Industrial Manufacturers Survey

This survey focuses on how industrial manufacturers are dealing with COVID-19 with respect to people, technology and processes, and how it is impacting your operations and business and what strategies.

Industrial Digital Transformation Snapshot

This survey is designed to give manufacturers/producers a feel for how their organization compares to other companies as each navigates through their individual digital transformation journeys.

MES/MOM Manufacturing Operations Adoption Survey

This survey to allow Industrial manufacturers to Benchmark their digital transformation as it applies to Manufacturing Execution Systems Technology Journey with their peers.

Industrial Valve Digitalization Assessment Survey

There are numerous potential approaches currently available for owner-operators to upgrade their valve assets through valve operation digitalization.  This survey lets you benchmark your progress against your peers.

IT/OT Convergence Assessment Survey

Connectivity between OT to IT is essential for any business to compete today.  This survey allows you to Benchmark your IT/OT Convergence Digital Transformation Journey and best practices with your peers.

Aligning Digital Solutions with Current Operational Needs

There is a tremendous movement in industry towards Digital Transformation and the application of digital solutions to current operations.  This survey is provided for comparisons amoung industry leaders as to how they are meeting current operational and business needs.

How Much Is Your Data Worth? Measuring the ROI of Machine Connectivity

Machine connectivity is certainly one of the hottest topics in industrial automation today.  But, the question is what is the return on investment (ROI) on machine connectivity, and how much is the data that results from machine connectivity actually worth?

Privacy and Confidentiality

ARC will keep all individual responses confidential, and only aggregate information will be used in any reports.

Benefits of Participating

Participants will receive the key survey results for free, after the survey is completed. Also, for many of these surveys, participants will be provided an instant view of the results.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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