Attend the OPSWAT Workshop at the ARC Forum: Safeguarding Removable Media: Unraveling the ICS Attacker's Playbook

Author photo: Larry O'Brien
ByLarry O'Brien
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The ARC Industry Forum is fast approaching (Feb 5-8 at the Renaissance Orlando Sea World). On Monday February 5, we will be hosting our all-day series of industrial cybersecurity workshops that feature panel discussions, end user ICS Attacker's Playbookpresentations, and sponsored vendor luncheon workshops. Come join us at 1 PM on Monday Feb. 5 for IT/OT cybersecurity platform supplier OPSWAT's workshop on safeguarding removable media, a key topic in industrial cybersecurity. This session will be led by OPSWAT's VP of solutions engineering and customer success Joe Edwards. Here is the session description:

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) have increasingly become a target for threat actors as cyberattacks become more sophisticated and more frequent – and removable media is a critical entry point. This presentation will explore the attacker's playbook, spanning from data gathering on vulnerable ICS systems to the weaponization of common tools and protocols.

One key facet of the attacker's strategy lies in the delivery of malicious payloads through removable media, often disguised as innocuous upgrades or patches. This presentation will cover the subsequent stages of the attack, including the exploitation of vulnerabilities, establishment of command and control, and potential ramifications for targeted ICS environments.

This presentation will cover how to counteract these threats, including peripheral media protection solutions that are essential to preventing malicious infiltrations and fortifying critical infrastructure against removable media-based attacks.

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